The Uber Leaderboard (and your Uber stats)

 —  and we don’t need your email access ;)

For much better instructions, go here : Business Insider : Uber Stats

Here’s a simple tool that tells you how much you spent in total on Uber trips. More specifically, it:

  • gets your total Uber trips spending (LIFETIME data, since you started using Uber)
  • Creates a leaderboard to see who's THE Uber guy
  • gets your total spending in each currency that you've' ever used (it takes into account the rides you shared, and only displays the amount *you* paid)
  • gets your total number of trips
  • removes the cancelled rides from the total number of rides
  • does NOT need your email access (therefore no gmail required)

Here’s how to use it in 2 simple steps (not available on mobile devices):

A) Put the following link in your bookmark bar (Click, hold and drag the “UberStats” button below to the top of the browser where all your “favorites sites” are) :

B) Then log in to your Uber account at : and wait for your trips page to load. Once it has loaded, click on the UberStats bookmarklet icon in your “Favorites”.

It should take about 40 seconds max, and TADA.. You will see the results as soon as it’s done.

If you just want to see the top 20 Uber users who have already participated and don't care about your own rating, follow this link:

So… How much did you spend on Uber trips ? Share with your friends & Uber on !

PS : For people concerned about data privacy, the code fetching your Uber content is publicly accessible *here*, and if you open the content of the bookmarklet. You can see I only fetch your number of rides and amount paid. The only data I store (for the leaderboard) is an anonymous user ID, the total amount paid, and the total number of rides. I *never* access your email adress, phone number or any personal info.